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Join Us!

Membership of the PTA is open to all parents/guardians of Harrison College students; and all teaching staff, whether full or part-time.  


PTA dues

$20 per year – 1 child 

$30 per year – family 

$100 – One-time payment for entire school tenure – 1 child

$150 - One-time payment for entire school tenure – family 

Lend A Hand

Being involved means you can assist at events such as fund-raising initiatives and you may share new ideas and advice by clicking on the icon on the right or sending an email to




The PTA meets on the last Wednesday of each month during the school term. We encourage you to attend meetings to be informed of issues pertinent to the students and to share any new ideas.


From 1st form to Upper 6 there is a parent rep who will communicate with you via the WhatsApp groups. You are welcome to ask questions and share ideas as well as your children's achievements with your parent rep.


We welcome in-kind or monetary donations.  Please contact us at to make your donation.

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